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freaks-let's do it again part 2 12 (music for freaks)

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freaks: let's do it again part 2

Freaks' Let's Do It Again Part 2 opens with Ricardo Villalobos's second remix for the Music for Freaks label, a confoundingly brilliant 14-minute rework of "Eighties Throwback" constructed alongside studio partner Frank Greiner. With their remix of "Washing Machine," Boston house duo Soul Clap funk-up Diz Washington's vocals and turn in a crisp, futuristic, and downright freaky funkathon. Closer "Robotic Movement" is an original Freaks track remastered for this release; it was originally recorded as a remix in the '90s, but Justin Harris and Luke Solomon removed all references and renamed it for their 2000 album The Beat Diaries.

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