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function-remixes 2lp (ostgut ton)

Price: $20.99


function: remixes

After Function's epic debut album "Incubation", Ostgut Ton issues four remixes by Rrose, Vatican Shadow, Recondite and NSI. Like the album, the remixes transcend club concepts of electronic music and techno as they unravel in surrounding territories. Rrose's remix of "Against the Wall" picks up the hypnotic acid of the original and spins it into manic depths. Vatican Shadow hones in on the fragile beauty in "Psychic Warfare," and Recondite's remix of "Incubation (Ritual)" achieves a stunning grip with minimal texture, killer synth line and bass. NSI create a dark, brooding version of "Inter" that seems to close the circle between the then and now in living electronic music.

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