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g marcell-model music 12 (vanguard sound)

Price: $10.99


g marcell: model music

Vanguard Sound! returns with it's first full EP by a Vanguard Crew Member other than Chris or Amir. G. Marcell's Model Music EP is a special tribute to the Legendary Chicago Artist named Paul Johnson who has been both a friend and mentor to G. for quite some time. 4 tracks of Modern Chicago house music with that classic vibe, G flips beats, chops samples, and flexes synths to keep dance floors moving from opening to peak-time, as well as late late night/after hours closing sets. Special Words from artist himself..... "It was an honor to create a project for such a musically creative pioneer in the house industry. I thank him for his seal of approval to create this release and it’s great that he enjoys this release". - G.Marcell

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