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gacha bakradze-word color lp (lapsus)

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gacha bakradze: word color

Word Color is a nine-song mini-LP in which Gacha Bakradze gives free rein to his most introspective electronica. This imaginative producer from Tbilisi, Georgia has deservedly earned plaudits throughout the European scene, becoming a main-stay of the Belgian label Apollo for whom he has released half a dozen releases to date, receiving reviews from prestigious publications including Pitchfork and Resident Advisor. Word Color is a cinematic arrangement of captivating melodies, rhythmic experimentation, textured landscapes, and micro-vocal samples. Gacha has once again reinvented his musical ideology, bestowing it with mood defining authenticity and excitement, through superbly and dexterously programmed rhythms and harmonies. Songs like "Leaf", "Oneself", and "Stray" travel into ethereal wastelands and are ambient soundscape pieces replete with nuances and unexpected twists. Word Color also makes room for beats, with the low pulse of jungle rhythms in "The Prayer"; IDM and electro fusion in "Word Color"; and even the sound of hi-tech breaks in "Sarphi Rocks".

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