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gay cat park-synthetic woman lp (medical records)

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gay cat park: synthetic woman

As a monumental first time in the label's existence, Medical Records presents an LP of previously unreleased songs by an icon of Italo Disco and synthpop well known for their club-stomper 'I'm A Vocoder'. Gay Cat Park is an Italian duo consisting of Graziano G. Ravizza and Davide Gatti. At the tender age of 14 with an obsession for electronics and a dream, they crafted the hit 'I'm A Vocoder' that was released as a single on Discotto Records in 1982. Using very primitive toy-like keyboards modified to makeshift synthesizers early on, this masterpiece and floor-stomper was a success. Though they recorded many other records in the studio with other artists under a variety of different names in the more popular vein, there were sadly no further releases in the style of Gay Cat Park or under that moniker. Working behind the scenes on their limited equipment, they wrote and developed many other tracks that would be best described as the true Gay Cat Park 'sound'. These tracks were home-recorded and not considered 'commercial' enough in those times. Influenced heavily by Kraftwerk, Tomita, and Depeche Mode, Ravizza and Gatti layed these tracks down on standard UCXS Sony tapes or TEAC Tascam four tracks. These tracks have been unheard and stored until now. Medical Records took an interest in Gay Cat Park and requested to hear the potential early tracks. Needless to say, the tracks were astonishing and are presented now on this compilation of hand-picked tracks from that era. 8 tracks (including 'I'm A Vocoder') were culled and restored from the original cassette tapes by Gay Cat Park. All tracks were recorded from 1982-1984. On high-quality 160 gram splatter vinyl in a limited edition of 650 hand-numbered copies. Includes special insert with liner notes by Dave Segal.

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