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gerogerigegege-all you need is an audio shock lp (audio shock)

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gerogerigegege: all you need is an audio shock

"Legendary Japanese harsh noise band Gerogerigegege lead by Juntaro Yamanouchi is often considered as the most extreme band from all time. Known for their kinky performances on stage, Yamanouchi described his musical project as the Japanese ultra shit band. Mixing noise, ambient and sexual sounds, the Gerogerigegege plays a unique music that we could call noise-porn-core. Some tracks can be easily set on fire the dancefloor. This new release collects the best Gerogerigegege's material from 1985 to 2001; first side includes Senzuri action and the last one presents you Noise action. No drugs needed to get an audio shock here, just listen to the entire record loud as possible. Limited to 750 copies." Includes double-sided glossy insert.

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