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ghedalia tazartes - ante-mortem lp+7 (hinterzimmer)

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ghedalia tazartes: ante-mortem

Ante-Mortem is one of Ghedalia Tazartes' major works of the last 20 years. Although simply named 1 to 23, the album bears a collection of very diverse tracks, a couple of them connected in a thematical frame, others simply standing for themselves. What holds them all together is first and all Tazartes' archetypical voice. One could say that Ante-Mortem contains some of his harshest ever tracks as well as a couple of his most humorous ones. Generally it is more than exciting to hear that some parts of Ante-Mortem could as well have been created around the same time as his masterpiece Une Eclipse Totale De Soleil – his music sounds as timeless as it did 30 years ago. Nobody else ever sounded like Tazartes. Ante-Mortem sounds like Tazartes at its best.

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