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gibson brothers-ooh what a life! (ger janson & shan edits) 12 (running back)

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gibson brothers: ooh what a life! (gerd janson & shan edits)

The first one in a hopefully long-lived series of disco and pop influenced Super Sound Singles on Running Back comes courtesy of the Gibson Brothers. Leaving their biggest wedding hits "Cuba" and "Que Sera Mi Vida" aside, the philanthropic and smile-forcing "Ooh, What A Life" gets an extended edit service by Shan and Gerd Janson, who cut away some of the fat and make it fit for fun on contemporary dancefloors. The flip side sees them remixing and sandpapering "Heaven" into a disco-house interbred (filters and looping mandatory). To quote John Lydon: "Disco sucks? You never heard that from me."

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