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gilmer galibard-lost tapes ep (mörk)

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gilmer galibard: lost tapes

ltd stock. After the nuclear arms test that was the 'Brain Poacher' black label, Canary Islands resident Gilmer Galibard returns to the Lobster family via lucid, murky sub-label Mörk. Taking a much more languid and contemplative approach to his followup, 'Lost Tapes' finds itself washed ashore on a waves of warm, translucent, salt-infused techno and house. 'Stoner's Paradise' is set deep in the Valencian rave, a '92 ode to the everlasting summer of love with a crunchy bedroom-produced edge. 'Frame Drag' segues into life through a refrain of slow dragging techno, somehow detached from it's own momentum, a hallucinogenic car ride in he early morn and a lone journey into the heart of the sun. On the flip, more eerie ghosts of the early Spanish warehouse parties emerge through the shuffling rhythms of 'Lost Tapes', possibly Gilmer's finest piece of techno to date , all hammering toms, rides on the 2, and Hague-style dream-pads. 'Clickers' throbs into it's uptempo mono-droning life with a thumping, carpet-coated lesson in proper drum machine techno. A dubbed-out workout scraped from the depths of the DAT.

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