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giorgio gigli-the right place where not to be 3lp (electric deluxe)

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giorgio gigli: the right place where not to be

Giorgio Gigli presents his debut album, exploring sophisticated ambient layers as much as obsessive and hypnotic techno landscapes. After spending time working on his own Zooloft label and crafting an evolved sound reflected in his DJ sets, Gigli presents his first full-length sonic movie, The Right Place Where Not to Be. It emerges from the depths of his soul and properly filters every musical input he's developed over the years. The album imagines a scenario in which all human and animal lifeforms have perished and only plants and minerals have survived. Gigli performs that concept by writing an ultra-detailed soundtrack to an imaginary movie, using rich textures that reveal new acoustics enhanced by alienating atmospheres that captivate the listener. The album is focused on obsessive rhythms cut on low frequencies, a persistent motion, and a stable tremor. The sky is darkened by laden clouds and stratified sonics that electrify the sound of space. Blooming sensations that cover a wide spectrum alternate from a feverish tension to the lightness of faith. Confines are rejected and techno meets ambient, purging our body of consciousness. A sonic bubble from a faraway era; a timeless atmosphere. The album brilliantly depicts a surreal concept without losing tension. The experience of the music is enhanced by the intricate artwork that expresses Gigli's concept. The black and white photographs were taken in the Dolomites mountain range with an old Hasselblad camera by Marcello and Alessandro Gianvenuti, and subsequently enhanced with watercolor-painted textures. The whole graphical project was curated by Studio Lord Z. Triple LP version in three-panel gatefold sleeve. LP "Ø" is single-sided. Limited to 350 copies; not to be repressed.

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