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giulio aldinucci-no eye has an equal lp (99chants)

Price: $21.99


giulio aldinucci: no eye has an equal

Opener "Brezza Perduti Arsi Tramonti" is an introspective composition, where fluttering soundscapes meld with soaring choral voices, contrasting with the darker post-rock atmospherics of "Mirages and Miracles", with distorted radio transmissions crackling through the heavy ether. The detuned, insistent bliss of "Meiosis, Remembrances" intertwines delicate piano with heavy synthesis, leading into the dubbed-out ambience of "Fuoco Lontano", heard inside a glassine chamber with a distant skyline twinkling in the background. The reworks -- meditations on meaning and perception -- showcase how an established body of work can be diversified, and how "[in] a world where many tend to create borders to contain people that share supposed homogenous features, music reminds us that diversity is the soul of humanity". RIYL: Steve Roach, Fennesz, Kara Lis Coverdale, William Basinski, Tim Hecker, Deepchord, the dronier moments of Godspeed You! Black Emperor. 180 gram vinyl.

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