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golden donna-seedy approach 12 (cgi)

Price: $10.99


golden donna: seedy approach

After proudly rocking two of his next-level cuts for one of our earliest split releases, CGI is thrilled to welcome Golden Donna back for a full four-track EP, Seedy Approach. The tracks chosen for this release open up listeners and dancers to a deeper and more diverse side of the producer otherwise known as Joel Shanahan. The A-side cuts are all grit and muscle, opening with "Smirk," a dark, heavy, and heady industrial techno bomb that is as abstract and raw as it is sophisticated and seductive. Up next is all evil chords and thick bass stomp, as "Strap" throws cracking snares and pitched vocal stabs into a mercilessly reverberant void as brutal catharsis unfolds over an unforgettable eight minutes. Switching things up for the B-side, Mr. Donna treats us to a more melodic, reflective palette. "Secrets" is at once cavernous and verdant, quickly evolving and filling the echoscape with lush, dreamy chords and a whispery texture that is both inviting and comforting, all the while in mutant symbiosis with a percolating and undulating percussion. Closing it out is the title track, the most jovial sounding of the lot, with frantic 808s and airy, shimmering chords giving way to a stunning lead that transports you exactly where you want to go.

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