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gol/ghedalia tazartes-alpes lp (planam)

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gol/ghedalia tazartes: alpes

The sixth Gollaberration features a rather odd encounter, indeed. It all happened when matchless vocalist Ghédalia Tazartès challenged GOL's Dada-style quartet. Ghédalia threw in the game his pan-African-Asian singing techniques, blending gypsy, Jewish, and trans-continental flavor. GOL exceeded on electric mandolin, Jew's harps, percussions, janotron, flutes, electric guitar, bass guitar, electronic garage, and voice. Together with Ghédalia, they developed into what became a "bal musette" for the mentally-disabled. Reaching at some points the side of rock that doesn't roll, this sonic attack jumps from topic to topic as a ritualistic anthology of unknown "ritournelles." Such a decadence was hardly contained in the neutral environment of the Swiss Cultural Center in Paris where the recording took place on Feb 22nd and 23rd, 2011. Tired liver resonances accurately rendered by the acid-yellow cover created by Dennis Tyfus of Ultra Eczema. A mountain-peak journey below the very heart of nowhere-Europe to be consumed gently, without skis on. One-time pressing, edition limited to 400 copies.

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