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good area-cubic zirconia 7 (kye)

Price: $10.99


good area: cubic zirconia

Kye is proud to present a new 7" coupling from Philadelphia's Good Area, expanding and refining the signature sound first heard on 2013's French Antarctica LP. 'Cubic Zirconia' offers a coarse instrumental homage to the cubic crystalline form of zirconium dioxide, whereas 'Bad Karlshafen' delivers a stark, text-based rumination on the breakfast habits of the Huguenots, collapsing ice-rinks and astral photography, bundled together in a viper's nest of non sequiturs. Cubic Zirconia/Bad Karlshafen arrives in a pro-printed full color sleeve, with numbered insert that replicates exactly the Golden Fish Market receipt of 10/12/13. Edition of 300 copies

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