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goth-trad - new epoch cd (deep medi musik)

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goth-trad: new epoch

New Epoch, Goth-Trad's debut album for the DEEP MEDi Musik imprint, is the result of over a decade of pushing forward from the man Kode9 calls "a one-man army mutating the UK hardcore continuum in Japan." Takeaki Maruyama aka Goth-Trad is a spearhead among producers worldwide who have taken the sounds of the UK underground and mutated them into new forms. Emerging from a vibrant underground Japanese electronic scene, Maruyama-san has developed into one of the most outstanding artists of his generation. His unique style involves freely playing samplers, keyboards and even self-made instruments -- this approach brought him the nickname "the Sound Originator." His sound comprises a broad palette of influences from abstract electronica to noise, from dub and reggae to jungle, from rave and grime to punk, and almost every form of music somehow is absorbed into his black hole-like approach, emerging from a trans-warp conduit on the other side as something uniquely Goth-Trad. With a strong back catalog of albums and touring beneath his belt, the buzz for his music has slowly spread further and further around the world, and New Epoch is certain to bring the bass mutations of this Tokyoite even further. New Epoch is by far and away Goth-Trad's most complete piece of work to date, showcasing what he has learned in his years of producing, touring, playing live and remixing. The album features 11 superbly and delicately-crafted tracks. From "Man In The Maze," full of beautifully dark, emotional strings and pulsating, mesmerizing groove, to the intense synthesizer stabs and pure dancefloor mayhem of "Mirage" -- one of the strongest tracks that has been firing in heavy rotations from Mala and Kode9 -- to the title track, which defines a producer digging through different styles, experiences and cultures to find himself, now one of the most unique artists within the scene and beyond. Features an appearance from reggae godfather Max Romeo.

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