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grebenstein & seefried-raging tender ep (downwards)

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grebenstein & seefried: raging tender

The mercurial, industrial pop fetishism of Raging Tender forms the third and most impressive EP from producer Jan Grebenstein and vocalist Christine Seefried. "Raging Tender" zips up fanged arps and needle-toothed hi-hats under Christine's close mic'd vocal with hypnotic poise and force, before "Breathe" diffuses and unlocks that anaerobic tension with tantric 808 rhythms. "Arab Icon" raises the heart rate again with jarringly atonal electronics and an unyielding rhythmic grip, while "Body Electric" speak to the duo's most prurient desires, with Christine's opiated, any-hole's-a-goal mantra of "I Sing The Body Electric" set to knackered, bummed-out pads and oozing bass.

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