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grey people-welcome to my chevy 12 (proper trax)

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grey people: welcome to my chevy

Roll out the grime-covered welcome mat for the sixth installment of PROPER TRAX! Armed with a stack of filthy, ash-covered analog sound machines, that would make most studio pros weep in anguish, Grey People return with Welcome To My Chevy. Flipping on the JACKMODE switch, the record kicks off with a hefty helping of distorted neo-discopunk grime house with the mysteriously titled "DCGWIO." Pure, unadulterated bang-bang time, son. In drastic contrast to the A1, and being no stranger to risky decisions, Grey People go off the deep end with "Non-Functional." Guaranteed to bring couples together for an awkwardly hesitant slow dance, it's a sonic voyage akin to the legendary Casio-ballads of the late, great Wesley Willis (only no Casio, but heaps more unf). Turning it over, Papa Proper (aka label don Will Azada) drunkenly arrives to the party in rare form with his spin on non-functionality. With the "Rare Form Reinterpretation" he makes no bones of blatantly stealing the original's dubby bits to use as the basis for a total, ground-up reconstruction featuring all-new errthang. With the microphone recording, Azada rambles somewhat coherently about the trials and tribulations wrought on by the mysterious white powder-laced, 24-hour party people lifestyle of being an in-demand member of the global yacht club DJ circuit. A proper Ibeether anthem if we ever heard one, this is sure to be enthusiastically downloaded by the best and brightest superstar DJ interns. Of course, by now you're all wondering, "why the fuck is this thing called Welcome To My Chevy?" Well, you're patience is about to pay, because the answer is revealed with the sizzurp-slurpin' gangsta lean post-trap house of the title track! Breaking with modern traditions of overly-long bongo-laced Traktor tech-house that you wish would just get to the fucking point, Grey People succinctly insists that ya'll hop into his Chevy, hit the dancefloor and get nasty. Or something like that. Bitch.

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