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guided by voices-keep it in motion 7 (gbv inc)

Price: $6.99


guided by voices: keep it in motion

"Keep It In Motion" is a propulsive, drum-machine driven pop song which features, unusually, acoustic guitars, strings, and Robert Pollard / Tobin Sprout singing together in a way not heard since "14 Cheerleader Coldfront" on 1992's Propeller. Possibly. Bob recorded and sent to Toby at his home studio in Michigan for over-dubbing. The B-Sides consist of "Pink Wings," a lo-fi snippet on which Pollard speak-sings scary lyrics about wings full of blood over a bed of Beatle-esque harmonies, not entirely unlike Alien Lanes' "Chicken Blows," and "White World," an actual Beatle-esque pop song with horns (or at least horn samples) and a Pixies-like bass intro.

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