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guilhem monin-omen 12 (colors)

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guilhem monin: omen

Staying true to their friends & family ethos, the next Colors EP out on February comes from a cofounder of the London party imprint, Guilhem Monin. The musical journey is composed by three tracks. Omen is a slinky house cut which eases the listener in with some seductive saxophone/Rhodes combinations, before a warm bassline takes over. As the track rolls along, Monin teases the listener with jazzy piano riffs and some very addictive bongo loops. All The Way Back is more minimalistic, propped up by the hypnotic organ loop which forms the track's rhythmic backbone. Female vocal cuts are expertly dropped in and out of the mix against a subtle backdrop of strings. Chicago veteran Boo Williams rounds off the EP with his interpretation of Omen. He slides up the tempo a few, taking it into peak-time, bumpy house territory. The vocal samples of the original track take on a forceful urgency when placed over slamming kicks and cascading synth volleys.

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