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gyedu-blay ambolley-simigwa lp (academy lps)

Price: $17.99


gyedu-blay ambolley: simigwa

Gyedu-Blay Ambolley unleashed his unique brand of 'simigwa' music on an eager yet unsuspecting world in 1975 with the release of this, his debut album. Suffused with his larger-than-life personality, this LP is an absolutely irresistible manifesto of his heavy afro-funk simigwa philosophy. This record spawned a genuine dance craze in Ghana and is even considered a foundational record of the hip lifestyle of hip hop that is popular in Ghana today. Long sought-after by collectors, Academy LPs and Voodoo Funk have teamed up once again to revive this incredible record from the vibrant musical scene of 70's West Africa. Mastered from the original master tapes and featuring the rather remarkable original sleeve, this is an ultra high-quality reissue that continues the reputation we've built with our previous releases. This is a limited, one-time only pressing of 1500 LPs.

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