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hal clark - electro-acoustic works 1974-1975 cd (prisma)

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hal clark: electro-acoustic works 1974-1975

Composer, sound designer, and curator/researcher Harold (Hal) Clark emigrated to Norway from San Francisco in the early 1970s to carry on his musical studies and career. In 1972 he was hired as a producer, recording engineer and tonmeister at the Henie Onstad Kunstsenter at Høvikodden, Norway. At the same art center he also co-founded the Norwegian Studio for Electronic Music (NSEM) with the late composer Arne Nordheim (1931-2010). Meeting with young Norwegian composers in regular salon-workshops and bringing with him the influences of the renowned San Francisco Tape Music Centre (studies with Robert Erickson), Harold commissioned technology artist Don Buchla to incorporate his series 502 digital-analog hybrid electronic instrument design into the completion of the NSEM studio in 1974. At the time it was considered one of the foremost advanced instrument inventions. Henie Onstad Kunstsenter, where the NSEM Studio was founded, has collaborated with Harold, publishing his works from this period as a legacy project. Part of Harold's electro-acoustic repertoire is exhibited with the release of this CD, capturing the essence of NSEM while revealing some of the composer's musical character. HOk is proud to present an unknown hidden gem in the history of Norwegian and Canadian electronic music. Harold Clark left Norway after 10 years and now lives in Vancouver, Canada, where he is writing a book on the ecology of contemporary music composition and the possible extinction of the modern composer as a socially relevant phenomenon in a world of corporate media.

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