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hal hutchinson-mangraft lp (urashima)

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hal hutchinson: mangraft

Few current noise artists have discovered the sonic qualities of scrap metal to the extent that Hal Hutchinson has with his "Factory of Metal Sound" aesthetic. Hutchinson employs a unique approach to collecting and layering his recordings of sheet metal, pipes, metal barrels, chains, and other metallic objects being shattered, pulled, and crushed. A cacophony of metal scraping clatter is transformed into something far more complex. The full length album Mangraft, recorded during two different sessions, delivers four tracks of immense noisescapes and blast of orchestrated machine shop annihilator. The oppressive scrap metal noise, sounds dense and detailed, with repetitive scraping tones, almost seems to take on an eerie accidental melodic quality. Layers of screeching, colliding, abrading and hammering junk metal, all rich in detail and coalescing into a colossus of acoustic sound over two sides of vinyl. 140 gram black vinyl with black label and black inner sleeve; Comes in a deluxe silver silkscreen on black cardboard sleeve; Artwork by Kristian Olsson; Includes insert; Edition of 99 (hand-numbered).

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