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hecker-a script for machine synthesis cd (editions mego)

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hecker: a script for machine synthesis

The latest work from Florian Hecker, A Script For Machine Synthesis, is an experimental auditory drama and a model of abstraction. A Script For Machine Synthesis presents a complex simplicity that spirals in an unending manner as an audio image of the uncanny valley. It is the third chapter in a trilogy of text-sound pieces in which Hecker has collaborated with the philosopher Reza Negarestani. A resynthesized voice outlines procedure as procedure itself unfolds. The suggestive encounter with a pink ice cube is a conceptual point of departure for a scene in which linguistic chimeras of descriptors are materialized through synthetic trophies, mental props and auditory objects. Hecker presents a synthesis of the gap in the valley which the listener almost knows. The motifs Hecker has staged in the last decade - the text, the sound, the scent, the obelisk, the demon, the self, the other - all appear throughout in a thorough, rigid and formal exploration. Exeunt all human actors, A Script For Machine Synthesis is an experiment in putting synthetic emptiness back into synthetic thought.

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