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henning christiansen-satie i høj sø lp (institut for dansk lydarkaeologi)

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henning christiansen: satie i høj sø

The Institute for Danish Sound Archeology and the Museum of Contemporary Art in Roskilde, Denmark present a reissue of the most enigmatic and rare of Danish artist and composer Henning Christiansen's albums Satie I Høj Sø. Originally released in 1977, the album collects five central works from Christiansen's neo-romantic period in the 1970s. This completely overlooked and virtually unheard period in Henning Christiansen's oeuvre contains perhaps his most fascinating and beautiful works. For ten years, from 1969-79, Christiansen turned his back to the art scene and made a very unorthodox artistic decision: To leave behind "art for arts sake", fluxus, and the concretist art music, that he had invented in the 1960s. Instead he created a music that was a positive vision for the future. A music that would make it "sing" inside the listeners -- and by changing them would change the world. A convinced communist, Christiansen created wonderful joyous waltzes and dancing melodies that set to bring about a revolution -- both an inner and an outer revolution -- by believing in the good in the world and by having hope for a bright future. Now, with the re-release of Satie I Høj Sø the music can make it sing inside us again. "Art should be such, that the People believe in themselves" --Henning Christiansen, journal entry, 1971. Carefully remastered from the original master tapes; 180 gram vinyl; High gloss cover; Henning Christiansen's own program notes for the music in both Danish and English -- 16-page booklet with never-before-seen pictures and a new in-depth article about Christiansen's works from the 1970s in Danish and English.

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