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hiatt db-palimpsest ep (rhythm section international)

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hiatt db: palimpsest

From the backwaters of New Orleans, Hiatt dB bursts forth with Palimpsest, a remarkable debut on Rhythm Section International. Simmering "Sun Spell" explodes in glorious technicolor as you meet the lead track -- an orgy of uplifting piano stabs, hyper-speed second line rhythms and spiraling bass. This frenetic, joyful opener -- road tested and verified extensively by Rhythm Section head Bradley Zero - has "Peak Time" written all over it. New Orleans is a drum city and true to his home Hiatt doesn't let up on the rhythmic assault with second track "Palimpsest". An intricate snare rudiment leads us to a demented bassline which sears a hole through the percussion as it builds to a dizzying crescendo, only to release the pressure teasingly, time and time again. Hiatt dB is an artist who wears his city's influence proudly, and as you flip the record over you see these local ingredients incorporated once again but this time resulting in a distinctly more ethereal energy. The sizzling stylings of "6 O'Clock Rock" have "Big Easy" written all over them, perfectly complimented by a cameo from the mellow canary himself, just to make sure the vibes is right... To round off this exceptionally strong debut EP, the closing track takes a turn towards the deeper side of the New Orleans sound. Effortless, hypnotic and masterfully understated, sit back and bask in the euphoric, sparkling breaks of "Everyday Break". It's the warm afterglow you need as the journey of the record comes to its triumphant conclusion.

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