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hiss tracts-shortwave nights cd (constellation)

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hiss tracts: shortwave nights

Shortwave Nights is the debut album by Hiss Tracts, a new duo featuring David Bryant (Godspeed You! Black Emperor, Set Fire To Flames) and Kevin Doria (Growing, Total Life). The sonic preoccupations of Bryant and Doria are well-documented across many highly acclaimed recordings over the past fifteen years, from the organic, group-based, semi-improvised collage albums of Set Fire To Flames to the glimmering, immersive minimalism of Growing and the more maximalist full-spectrum noise works of Total Life. Hiss Tracts represents a compelling collaboration that opens new procedural and narrative pathways for these fine musicians to continue exploring soundscape-based composition and production. Both are guitar players, and the electric guitar figures as both recognizable and unrecognizable source instrument on Shortwave Nights, but the deployment of a wide range of additional analog sources and signals ensures that there is no confusing this for a guitar-based drone, noise or post-rock record. Meditative and visceral, often suggestive of decayed/derelict landscapes and the humming electromagnetic atmosphere through which all manner of frequencies, transmissions and surveillances pass and collide, Shortwave Nights strikes an evocative balance between the sonics being captured-channeled-harnessed vs. composed-sculpted-performed, with an almost documentary rigour and restraint that remains profoundly charged and engaged.

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