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homeless house-irrational beat up 12 (made of concrete)

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homeless house: irrational beat up

Homeless House, known as DJ & Live-Project of Moire Patterns & DJ Kriton, have constructed the "Irrational Beat Up EP" (MOC005). Live-Session originated sounds develop with each other and unite to a specific old school techno sound. The first track "Irruptional Beat Up" convinces by a direct push of dirty kick and bass followed by catchy percussion & chords. The second part, "Astronaytis" branded by rough sounds and vocals, leads to a certain state of trance in which the snare-brakes take the perception back to reality. The final part of the EP is covered by "Sous Souls". Intense chord-progressions collide with solid beat structure & a slight bassline to show up a lighter part of the before continuous dark sound.

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