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hotel morphila orchester-schwarze energie lp (cien fuegos)

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hotel morphila orchester: schwarze energie

The Hotel Morphila Orchester was founded in 1978 by Peter Weibel (voice/lyrics) and Loys Egg (guiter/composition). "In the old times in Vienna, every good hotel or coffeehouse had their own orchestra. Since this tradition is extinct today, we call ourselves after a hotel that doesn't exist either. Hotels have a good tradition in rock music: 'Heartbreak Hotel,' Morrison Hotel, 'Hotel California'.... The name of the hotel swings between morbid, morphium, Morpheus (god of dreams/sleep), Mephistopheles, Morphe, Godzilla and indicates the character of the hotel, the guests, the music: monster-rock by machines, music of the metropoles, neon-rock, code-breaker, clinic-music for patients of all kinds." --Peter Weibel; In his unmistakable flow of speech, where no syllable can be assured that it won't drown in the flood of words, Peter Weibel recites the sincere lyrics, pushed by a heavy beat. Peter Weibel is internationally-known for his work as an artist (conceptual, video, media), and he has worked with the Viennese Actionist group, lecturing at various universities since the '70s. Since 1999, he has been the head of the ZKM/Center For Art and Media Karlsruhe. In the '90s, Germany's Chicks On Speed had an underground hit with their cover-version of Hotel Morphila Orchester's "Sex In Der Stadt" (trans. "Sex In The City"). Their only full-length album Schwarze Energie from 1982 is an international collector's item; the re-issue was remastered from the original tapes and pressed to 180 gram vinyl. Includes lyric sheet.

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