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hrtl-sugarlump ep (wolfskuil ltd)

Price: $13.99


hrtl: sugarlump

Darko Esser's Wolfskuil Limited kicks off 2018 with Sugarlump EP by the Czech artist HRTL. Sugarlump EP showcases HRTL's solid producer skills, flawless taste, and an obvious passion for classic Detroit house sound. "Sugarlump" opens with moody pads, evolving in dynamic rhythms progression and deep atmospheres. "Someone Stole Your Sweetroll" follows with low resonating bass drums and beautiful melancholic strings followed by "Dental Trauma" that intensifies this flow with a more pronounced acidic sound. "LOD" develops slowly with uplifting break beats overflew by celestial arpeggios, ending the journey with a charming touch.

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