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huxley-2.0 12 (aus music)

Price: $13.99


huxley: 2.0

AUS Music continue their expeditious release schedule and follow up records from DJ T., Youandewan and Geeeman with another addition to the label from Saints & Sonnets boss Michael Dodman a.k.a Huxley. Having released a slew of EPs through AUS as well his debut album 'Blurred' back October 2014, Huxley returns with a cross-genre 12" that demonstrates perfectly why he's remained a long term staple for the label. Few artists have held their ground as well as Huxley. Across an acclaimed catalogue that's seen releases on Hypercolour, 2020 Vision and Tsuba he has managed to astutely touch on many bases whilst constantly keeping his output fresh and relevant. Now - 6 years since his breakthrough collaboration with Ethyl on Cecille Numbers, Huxley reaffirms his position at the top of the tree and presents his '2.0' EP: 4 prime-time cuts bursting with powerful drum work, charming vocal samples and tape driven synths all deftly arranged to do serious damage on the floor.

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