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huxley-the machine 12 (aus music)

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huxley: the machine

Marking his return to Aus Music, the seasoned remixer and prolific producer Huxley is likely to turn more heads again as he announces both his EP, The Machine, and his debut album, Blurred. With this EP Huxley takes things another step forward, unquestionably focused on the dancefloor but showing a real range and depth as a producer. With "Callin," co-produced with S-Man (aka Roger Sanchez), we see Huxley in hands-in-the-air festival anthem mode. "Machina" is another prime example of a totally unique sub-heavy Huxley bomb, before we're led into the subtle heater of "Oil Spill," then into the deep early morning groove of final track, "Tendered."

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