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i am ampersand-grave goods lp (great pop supplement)

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i am ampersand: grave goods

Following 2 instant sell out 45s also on The GPS, Matthew Hainsby releases his wonderful debut solo full length of lo - fi, psychedelic folk pop, for the label in Mid November. Better known as one part of Brighton based Kraut / Moog merchants 'Fujiya & Miyagi', "Grave Goods" contains 12 understated, yet gorgeous pop nuggets. In some places a predominantly acoustic, motorik groove, in others a quietly subtle, lo - fi, personal feel - always displaying a keen ear for hook and melody... Opening with the Can like bass riff and multi layered vocals of "Lights and Radios", the repetitive driving groove of "Under the microscope" then gives way to debut 45, the majestic, Townes Van Zandt influenced "20 Seas 4 Oceans". A single of the week at a number of UK outlets, attaining an impressive amount of radio play particularly on 6music. Beautifully melodic yet motorik - a killer 45 and sounding no less awesome within the context of the full length here. Other stand out cuts include the gorgeously fragile "Minus Sign" and perfect pop of second single, The Eno flavoured "Holding The Negative up to the Light" with it's wooden block percussion and killer nagging synth line. "I thought I was Alone" with it's beautiful slide guitar work and then the busy jam feel of "Stay". Ending with the fabulously icey, ghostly vocals to "Doom and Gloom" and the epic, slow building and utterly wonderful title track. A beautifully charming, captivating record, deeply personal in places but never short on moments of perfect pop. An intoxicating mix of George Harrison, Syd Barrett and The Beta Band... Like the 2 GPS 45s before it, the album is wonderfully packaged and is pressed in an edition of 500

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