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ian hawgood + giulio aldinucci-consequence shadows cd (home normal)

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ian hawgood + giulio aldinucci: consequence shadows

Consequence Shadows marks the first collaboration between Ian Hawgood and Giulio Aldinucci after years of development. Consequence Shadows was initially termed "snow sketches" as they shared files back and forth. This working name for each piece (each noted as parts one to five in their correspondence) has lent heavily to the overall feel, highlighting the imbued sense of fragility in the subtle melodies as they evolve through the field-recorded white noise frequencies throughout. Upon diving into these depths, you'll discover a world beyond; a world of calm surface but an unknown entity below. Whilst Consequence Shadows will no doubt be (rightly) marked as an ambient work, the pieces stretch genre definitions as they converse with submerged beats, freckled frequencies, guitar echoes, direct vocal studies, and sustained piano chords, among many other directions. The closing piece is the nearly twenty minute beautifully epic reworking of "Other Ashes" by Belgian artist Stijn Hüwels.

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