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if, bwana-with/and/by trio scordatura: e (and sometimes why) 2cd (pogus)

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if, bwana: with/and/by trio scordatura e (and sometimes why)

The new 2CD magnum opus by If, Bwana (Al Margolis) has been almost three years in the making. It is the first time he has composed works (usually with prerecorded sounds) specifically for another ensemble. 'Gilmore's Girls,' 'Ringing (Ano)the(r) Bell,' and 'Diapason,' maybe were specifically written for Trio Scordatura. 'Cicada 4AA' was the first piece of If, Bwana's they played (though not written for them in particular). 'E (and sometimes why)' and 'All for Alf(run)' were both composed after the initial recordings and used materials from those sessions. 'The Tempest,' Fuggit,' used some of Trio Scordatura's sounds and combined them with an absolutely awesome, over-the-top performance/reading of a section of Shakespeare's The Tempest by Michael Peters (of Poemrocket). We hope that answers the burning question why If, Bwana with/and/by Trio Scordatura? There may not be a better way to describe their involvement with this recording -- they played with If, Bwana and they played If, Bwana and they were played with and by If, Bwana.

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