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igor wakhevitch-hathor lp (fauni gena)

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igor wakhevitch: hathor

Subtitled 'Liturgie du Souffle pour la Resurrection des Morts,' this is probably Wakhevitch's most esoteric and occult-influenced work. Some sort of dark ritual for synthesizer and orchestra inspired by Kabbalistic writings, where Igor's trademark bottom heavy electronics pulse, whizz, and sweep to a backdrop of heavy tribal drumming. Elsewhere, menacing and majestic spoken word passages open us the doors to the netherworld, leading into an esoteric sound ritual that sounds spooky, virulent, powerful, droning, entrancing, and mystical at the same time. Again Wakhevitch brings together disparate elements, bridging apparently unrelated musical forms and integrate them in order to deliver another unique work that sounds strangely prescient and recalling at the same time works from Mort Garson (Black Mass), Ruth White (Flowers of Evil), Terry Riley (Surgery Persian Dervishes), Stockhausen (Stimmung), Tangerine Dream (Zeit), and early Klaus Schulze (Irrlicht)." Gatefold sleeve with insert.

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