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in the mouth of the wolf-s/t ep (diagonal)

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in the mouth of the wolf: s/t

Two of industrial music's most insatiable operators, Ancient Methods and Cindytalk, pay homage to anti-Nazi nonviolent political activist Sophie Scholl. For those aware of Cindytalk's illustrious industrial heritage -- she has collaborated with everyone from Cocteau Twins and This Mortal Coil to Revolting Cocks' Chris Connelly and DJ Scud -- this is nothing short of a momentous meeting of epochs. "Need Of Angels" combines riveting percussion and thee harshest noise, "Sleight Of Hand" allows some prime late-'80s EBM swing into the mix, and "A Search For New Realities" harks back to AM's finest Ugandan Methods and Cindy's work for Praxis, but with a thoroughly modern aesthetic.

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