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industrial park-cold white lp (desire)

Price: $20.99


industrial park: cold white

Industrial parks seem empty. There aren't many people and few buildings have windows. Some machines, no longer needed, are grown over with weeds while others rust. But these spaces are given life by hidden hands. They are loud and built of heavy parts that deliberately fit pieces together. They live for the lifeless. Nonetheless, their droning sounds are trapped in these structures, hidden in their remote confines and barred by looming walls, cold and white. After a 7'' for Toxic Pop Records, Industrial Park is releasing its debut 12'' on Desire. Industrial Park hails from Portland, Oregon, and plays Gothic death-rock/post-punk in the tradition of bands like Sisters Of Mercy and Bauhaus with a touch of shoegaze not dissimilar to Slowdive. Limited edition of 300 copies on black and white vinyl. Comes with a download card.

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