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information ghetto-inspiration 12 (burek)

Price: $13.99


information ghetto: inspiration

Russian producer Denis Korsunskiy aka Information Ghetto explains his latest EP: "'Inspiration' is one of my favorite works so far. It's a unique composition which I envisioned and later managed to accurately replicate in the world of sound waves. I create my music in constant dialogue with my instruments and often they show me the limit of my creative processes, but with 'Inspiration' it turned out to be totally the opposite with me pushing my equipment to new levels and I believe I managed to consciously integrate into it the energy of when I was first introduced to electronic music. For me, those far-away days in the '90s were the period I remember fondly and love so much." Remixes from Chicago's masters of the deep, Specter, and techno pioneer Aubrey.

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