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inigo kennedy-requiem remixed 12 (token)

Price: $13.99


inigo kennedy: requiem remixed

Inigo Kennedy's Vaudeville album was undoubtedly one of Token's highlights of 2014. Now, following Antigone's twisting Cantor Dust EP and Ø [Phase]'s sweltering Tunnel Vision/Internal Conflict 12", "Requiem," a standout cut from Vaudeville, is resurrected across an all-star remix EP. Efdemin drops the mesmeric riff down a few semitones alongside nitro-charged rhythms. Raster-Noton mainstay Kangding Ray provides a skittering, paranoid recast of the track. Regis harnesses the original's bulging low end, putting his characteristically rugged stamp on the track. Dasha Rush brings discordant piano melodies and distant voices together in a thoroughly disorienting reinterpretation.

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