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inner tube-s/t lp (pacific city sound visions)

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inner tube: s/t

Inner Tube is about the inner emotional reverie of a world where life has been seen through the tube of a wave. It's a new band from Mark McGuire of Emeralds and Spencer Clark of The Skaters and Monopoly Child Star Searchers. Spencer has this to say about the experience: "The bliss and ecstatic power of Australian beach music has kept me in this positive mental attitude that I wanted to communicate to everyone around me. Mark and I began to be in touch, and started to really connect in our exotic fascination with Australia and its surf culture. We decided to record an album together with impressions from these private movies and their tunes. Mark travelled numerous times to Pacific City Studios so that we could make this album together(and eventually moved here). At one point, a woman visiting Hotel California who I hadn't met before, mentioned she thought it was strange that I played so much Australian music. I told her about my fascination with Storm Riders, the sickest Australian movie of all time. She immediately told me that her Uncle had a big part in the movie. The guy's name is Rabbit Bartholomew. He is a magical person in this Storm Riders movie and has been an inspirational to surfers everywhere.

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