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innode-gridshifter lp (editions mego)

Price: $20.99


innode: gridshifter

debut lp of abstract elctronics from members of radian, locrian, & elektro guzzi.

read more: Innode enters the world with an audacious debut of rhythm and sound, space and silence, and an astonishing blend of the acoustic and the electronic. Spearheaded by Stefan Németh (cofounder of Radian, Lokai) in close collaboration with Steven Hess (Locrian, Pan.American, Cleared) and Bernhard Breuer (Elektro Guzzi, Tumido), Gridshifter is an intense, astonishing sonic experience which navigates the line between formal structures and experimental interplay. Conceived as a series of cross-bred experiments where, on one side, a human rhythm triggers electronic signals while on the other electronic textures sculpt a platform for physical human engagement. The stark dynamics and human/non-human interaction manifests itself as a thrilling exposé of 21st century rhythm and noise. The term "gridshifter" plays on the idea of composed disorder by applying opposing moves upon a template of rigid structure. On certain tracks, a strict timeline or grid is spiked via grids of a different size being played at the same time, while on others, Steven and Bernhard "shifted" the grid by overlaying their own rhythms, resulting in a destabilized sonic environment. As Németh describes the artwork he sums up the entire modus operandi, "These arrays, or biochips, are samples of DNA laid out as a series of microscopic spots bound to a small glass slide. Corresponding images look highly organized, but show a lot of tiny imperfections at the same time... this fact makes them especially interesting for me." Innode explore an exhilarating terrain whereby simple, pure forms, both human and electronic weave together, unfeathered, untarnished, unprocessed, leaving a web of intense, extreme sonic dynamics. "Dedispersion I & II" and "Planes and Numbers" originally written for an exhibition by Andrés Ramírez Gaviria. Members: Stefan Németh (synthesizers), Steven Hess (drums) (on B-side), Bernhard Breuer (drums) (on "Dedispersion I & II").

Innode 'Dedispersion II' (eMEGO 168)

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