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intrusion-amongst the stars 2cd (echospace)

Price: $23.99


intrusion: amongst the stars

Amongst The Stars marks the third single from Intrusion's forthcoming album A Gentle Embrace, the second official album since 2009's critically acclaimed, The Seduction Of Silence. What has not been heard before comes into glimpse via analog circuitry, obsolete synthesis, and sonic exploration beyond dreams. Gorgeous plumes of sound evaporate into the ether, shifting and undulating to the unseen electro-magnetic pulse of the universe. This double CD set features the original mix as well as three beautifully hypnotic dub reductions from cv313 and an epic 70+ minute entrancing ambient rework from variant. A passionate, galactic, deep voyage to the other side of the galaxy. For those who loved Deepchord Presents Echospace's classic, The Coldest Season on Modern Love, you will find plenty to appreciate here, a beautiful analog tapestry made in the heart of Detroit. Comes in dual digipak with a retro matte UV finish.

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