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ital-only for tonight 12 (100% silk)

Price: $11.99
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Dancing in the light of a miracle: that's the gift Ital keeps giving. A love song from an era gone, Only For Tonight is a tawdry affair with rhythm, fickle and free. And if rhythm is a dancer, then Ital is her choreographer - he's got his hands on her hips and he's showing her the way. Ital knows how to lift you up, and up and up. There's no ceiling to his dancefloor, no cap on his bottle of juice, and with this - his second SILK - Ital's found his first sexy single. Twelve inches of time running out; you've got this night with Ital, but will you love him tomorrow? Lovers don't just rock; they let their bodies talk, but only for tonight.

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