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jacek sienkiewicz-9799/9702 12+cd (recognition)

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jacek sienkiewicz: 9799/9702

Recognition opens up its archives and invites you to a futuristic sentimental journey with respective stages set by the CD release 9702  and 9799, which includes a 12" along with a CD insert of 9702. The four vinyl exclusive tracks come from the time of Jacek Sienkiewicz's first record Recognition (1999). These earliest recordings openly refer to a formula and rhythmical density of Detroit techno, although the end result of this confrontation turns out to be surprisingly "separate" and individualistic. The material on the CD insert, 9702, contains a set of varied tracks recorded within five years after Warsaw label's launch and its first release. Extended compositions and short improvised sound notes resemble eccentric propositions of such labels as (early) Warp or Rephlex, standing next to melancholy-saturated minimalistic techno and abstract collage structures, which prove to share many characteristics of clicks n' cuts movement of the second half of the 1990s. Usage of human voice samples is an outstanding feature of many of these archive materials. Entirety of mastered-anew, 9702 contains all principal trademarks which distinguish Jacek Sienkiewicz's creations and his label Recognition: utmost care about depth of sound sphere, experimental inclinations, and focus on complex motorik aspect of the rhythmical base. This collection of music from Recognition's first five years, surprising for its freshness and sheer impetus, is a must for all fans of Jacek Sienkiewicz and Polish electronic music of the turn of the 20th and 21st centuries.

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