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jahiliyya fields-unicursal hexagram 2lp (l.i.e.s.)

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jahiliyya fields: unicursal hexagram

Moving further into territories of experimental electronics comes the debut album from Brooklyn artist, Jahiliyya Fields. This double LP evokes emotions of equal pain, passion, beauty and disgust, as it delves into areas of the psyche many are afraid to come in contact with. Read between the lines, close your eyes and listen. Not unlike new age music of the past meeting the harsh textures of the early industrial pioneers, this music serves as another narrative to our quickly deteriorating Western societal structure. Outsider music for those of us pushed to the side and living on the fringe. Pressed loud on four sides for maximum aural damage.

Jahiliyya Fields-White Cabbage (L.I.E.S. 011) 2xlp by L.I.E.S.

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