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jason van wyk-opacity cd (home normal)

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jason van wyk: opacity

Jason van Wyk is a South African artist who has been releasing electronic music since the tender age of just 14. Whilst he continues to be known for this work, his most recent output has seen him focus on his beautiful piano playing, intertwined with his subtle sound design and wide-open soundscapes. After having the great fortune to master 2016's Attachment originally released on Eilean Rec., Home Normal have invited him to release a follow-up. After a year in careful development, the result is Opacity. It is hard to describe Jason's latest album in anything other than superlatives. It is an album of such incredible beauty, patience, openness, soul, and subtlety, that it's hard to think of a comparative album by anyone, on any label, that comes close to the calming serenity of Opacity. Whilst this might seem like hyperbole to some, just sit down, let go, and listen to this pure work of art. Jason has created an album that is timeless and bold; a freeing work of piano-focused tenderness, and huge luminous pads.

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