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jeanne vomit terror & ed sunspot-the seat of same 12 (acoustic division)

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jeanne vomit terror & ed sunspot: the seat of same

A yawning desert covers and oppresses a distant daemon-sphere pregnant with the stuff of a thousand Earths. Clouds of the same hue and attitude as the infinite sands gradually dominate the sky, possessed of a malign intelligence. A trans-generational caravan cuts an unforgiving line through the dunes in a fruitless mission to close its great mad circle, forever missing by just miles. It is a roving, innumerable harem in liege to an unsexed tyrant who sings them this song, reproduced here by Resonant Hole emissaries Jeanne Vomit-Terror and Ed Sunspot, as the caravan commits the abominable act of transgressing the horizon into the infant sky-desert “above.” Carl Calm’s “Gulf of Night” mix is a monster, as is the great Mike Simonetti’s perverse interpretatio

the seat of same (carl calm gulf of night mix):

the seat of same (mike simonetti nihilist mix):

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