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jeff derringer-human moments in wwiii 12 (lanthan audio)

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jeff derringer: human moments in wwiii

Christian Gerlachís features Jeff Derringer in its seventh installment, as well as two remixes from seasoned veterans Shifted and Giorgio Gigli. The concept behind the label is the combination of music with architecture and photography, the consolidation of which creates a highly robust and powerful statement about music and art. This vision was born out of the desire to deliver a diverse product featuring innovative remixes from technoís most respected producers. Jeff Derringerís ëHuman Moments in WWIIIí is irresistibly fervent. Both ëDepartureí and the EPís title track are driving, acid-imbued, and deeply nostalgic of 90s electronic sensibilities. While Shiftedís remix provides more hypnotic twists to an otherwise straightforward track, Giorgio Gigli lends the EP momentum and vigor, bringing the release to a robust and energetic close. Human Moments in WWIII adds dimension to an already dynamic and techno-forward discography, and Derringer, Shifted, and Gigli are three amongst many compelling artists that the label has released since its inception last year.

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