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jeremiah r-interplanetary phenomenon unit 12 (enklav)

Price: $13.99


jeremiah r: interplanetary phenomenon unit

From dreamy opener "Interdimensional Beings" through to its synthy, Detroit-summoning close, there's something instantly warm and familiar about Interplanetary Phenomenon Unit. Conjuring up memories of all those records you used to play and love, here Enklav. newcomer Jeremiah R flexes wraith-like machine music into an array of contemplative floor jams. With its fuzzy electro pulse, tracks like "Interplanetary Phenomenon Unit" allude to some spectral Drexciya. Elsewhere, Warp and Rephlex leave their dusty, haunted steps. But these references are only fleeting and incomplete because, like the rest of the Enklav. collection, this is music in a world of its own.

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