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johannes heil-transitions 12 (figure)

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johannes heil: transitions

Considered a master in his trade, long-time techno history-maker Johannes Heil returns with a versatile mixture of ambient and floor-heating vibes on Transitions. After the smooth, luxurious expanses of "Transition One" -- a 5-minute ambient exploration, Heil begins to heat things up with "Transition Two." A purist, reduced jam focusing around a classic, uplifting synth-theme, it merges the atmosphere of '90s Detroit and Berlin with the production standards of today. The spooky, sparsely rhythmic echoes of "Transition Three" arrive next, with its freaking, industrial undertones. "Transition Four" lays down a pounding bass-end topped with spiraling, paranoia-inducing layers of synth bleeps and saw-waves.

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